Peace On Earth

International Evangelistic Association

Dr. Gary L. Cook, President

Can you envision all nations on earth living in a perfect environment of peace with absolutely no warfare anywhere on earth? Today, many 100's are killed every week in many nations in constant conflict of war. Nations such as Iran have vowed to destroy Israel and all Jews. We could list many wars in the past 100 years and the names of many 1,000's who died in wars around the world. Why does the God of Abraham allow such warfare on this earth that He has created for His glory? The answer is in the Holy Bible. The God of Abraham is a "God of Peace" and He has promised a specific time in which all nations will have peace and happiness. Not all news is depressing! There is the good news of the Kingdom of God. In Luke 9:60, Jesus said, "Go, Preach the Kingdom of God" -- good news of God's plans for the future. May we all keep our faith in God and His Word. All that He has spoken in His Word "shall come to pass" in God's own appointed time. If you'll read our book, "Peace on Earth, Millennium of King Jesus", we know that the many Bible scriptures in the book will open your understanding and give you much encouragement. May our Heavenly Father and King Jesus, Son of God, give you everlasting peace. Shalom...